homefreeconcert1cI am a writer, editor, trainer, stress management counselor, meditation instructor, business and life coach, professional chaplain, and real estate investor.

I was a music major in college but ended up in the computer business and eventually found a niche as a technical writing and training consultant. That background exposed me to a wide variety of business environments and helped me to understand the demands of leadership and running a business. It also forced me keep up with advances in technology.

Along the way, I also led classes in English as a Second Language, taught middle school students with mild to moderate learning disabilities, gave private music lessons, directed church choirs, did some studio recording, and performed as a singer and instrumentalist. Highlights of those experiences included singing with Michael Bolton during his 1995 world tour, rubbing shoulders with international dignitaries and athletes during the 1996 Olympics, and meeting Paul McCartney.


Approaching the age of 50, I had the obligatory mid-life crisis. I couldn’t decide which motorcycle to buy, so I did something presumably safer (but ultimately much more challenging) by enrolling in seminary. I earned a fully accredited Master of Divinity degree with a focus on counseling, and later completed an 18-month residency at a VA hospital, where I worked extensively with military veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression, and addictions. I have served as a hospital or hospice chaplain or spiritual counselor in five major health care organizations. I am also certified as a Critical Incident Stress Management counselor and spiritual intelligence coach.

melsd1This is Melanie. We grew up in the same town but didn’t travel in the same circles other than being in the high school choir together. We went our separate ways after graduation and she found me again 34 years later on Facebook. She keeps me sane, tolerates my quirks, and makes my world infinitely brighter.

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